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Motherboard One of:
  • Biostar GeForce 6100 AM2
  • MSI nForce-based?
CPU AMD Sempron 3400+

(later machines sometimes ship with 1x1GB but any listed game will work with 512MB)

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce (varies)
Hard drive IDE, size and brand varies

The CPU pictured is refered to as the Microtel PC. Later DRIFT models and Superbike machines began shipping with a Dell PC.

Each game has a game-specific I/O board mounted in the cabinet near the computer (DonD has two!) connected via serial port, parallel port, USB, any two, or all three(!).

The DVD-ROM drive is empty during normal use; it is only used to image the game software onto the hard drive via a bootable CD or DVD. The games will run flawlessly without the DVD-ROM present.

Tech tips:

  • The Biostar motherboard is built with poor quality capacitors that are prone to failing prematurely. If the game is showing instability or trouble booting, recapping the motherboard frequently solves the problem.
  • F&F Drift 1.20 and earlier will NOT boot with a 9500GT; a 7300GS MUST be present. 1.25, however, is unstable when using the 7300, so you must have a 9500. If you have a mix of 7300 and 9500 computers, you MUST use version 1.23, no newer, no older.
  • All of these games will run just fine on any motherboard with the nForce 430 MCP61P chipset.

Games that use this hardware:

  • ICE/PlayMechanix Deal Or No Deal (Linux; uses onboard GPU)
  • Raw Thrills The Fast and The Furious: Drift (WinXP Embedded; GPU: 7300GS for 1.23 and earlier; 9500GT for 1.23 and later) (to be confirmed)
  • Raw Thrills/PlayMechanix Big Buck Hunter Pro (Linux; uses onboard GPU) (to be confirmed)